FAQ About Mesothelioma Diagnosis


What should I do after getting my diagnosis?

It is extremely important for you to know the nature and seriousness of your cancer. The first step after getting a diagnosis should be to prepare a list of questions from your family, friends and yourself. Be patient and relaxed. Talk to friends or colleagues who may have dealt with a similar illness. Ask the doctor for clarifications until you are sure you have all the answers. It is only when you know about the problem, would you be in a state to work out the solutions.


Where do I go now?

The thing that naturally follows the diagnosis is the treatment. If your doctor was a general physician, he may refer you to an oncologist, that is, a cancer specialist. The oncologist would explain you the various options, costs, etc. about your treatment. Make sure to keep yourself aware of the different options available to you. Don't hesitate to contact organizations like the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute and other local bodies for information on the travel and treatment assistance.


Should I take a second opinion?

When you are dealing with a disease like mesothelioma, it is always in your best interest to seek a second opinion unless you are sure. Although, oncologists are competent to advice you on mesothelioma, they may not be aware of the latest advances in the treatment of this cancer. For the most updated information, you can contact a Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute. A list of these centers can be accessed at : http://www.mesotheliomaweb.org/cancercenters.htm in the section on "Comprehensive Cancer Centers".


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